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FXR 2020.5 Helium Gear

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FXR appears to have come out of nowhere and has quickly placed themselves on the map; for good reason. The offerings they bring to the table are very good and have caught the attention of many.














Sizing: Jersey

The athletic fit jersey fits very well and most importantly breathes. I have owned many jerseys in my life but by far this is the most comfortable. The polyester and spandex blend feels good and stretches incredibly well. My only tip here will be that the sizing does run small in my opinion. I ordered the XL and wear L size shirts regularly and it fit perfect. The design and logos on the jersey are clean and don't bleed into each other. The colors have stayed bright and strong after multiple washes.



















Sizing: pants

The pants are definitely an athletic cut and I really enjoy this. I am not a fan of baggy riding gear or loose spots as I always like to have a nice consistent contact patch. Just like the jersey these pants breath incredibly well and the material has an incredibly thin feel to it yet stretches and is strong. I really enjoy the leather contact patches inside the knees. I think they aid in gripping the bike with your legs (super important) and they also save your graphics from premature wear brought on by knee braces.



















I do the majority of my riding in Southern Nevada and it gets HOT! FXR's 2020.5 Helium LE line absolutely knocks it out the park with providing excellent ventilation and cooling. The composition of the material is very impressive especially the stretch of the fabric. FXR has picked up big names such as Freddie Noren, Enzo Lopes and Brock Tickle and has made a big splash in racing. Its absolutely deserved because this is good stuff.

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