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WHAT IS IT? The MXA test crew liked the improvements that the Yamaha engineers made to the 2019-2020 YZ250F engine. It got a new straighter exhaust port, higher lift cams, higher compression ratio, 44mm Mikuni throttle body, larger clutch plates, reconfigured engine angle, repositioned radiators and the electric-starter motor was moved rearward.


The end result of the 2019 engine mods was more power from 10,700 rpm through the top end. The previous 2018 engine was strong on the bottom and in the middle, but was relatively flat from 10,000 rpm to 12,800 rpm. The 2019 engine is a top-end powerplant that plays in KTM’s high-rpm bailiwick, but gives up bottom and mid from off-idle all the way to 10,000 rpm to the 2018 YZ250F. The DR.D 2019-2020 YZ250F pipe does not focus on where the YZ250F is strong; it tries to fix where it is weak. Plus, it does it for lower cost than the competition. Good plan.

WHAT’S IT COST? $659.95 (stainless/aluminum canister/magnesium end cap), $912.95 (stainless steel/carbon canister/magnesium end cap).

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